Artificial Grass For Dogs

K9 Turf Polyurethane Proflow Backing System

Here, at K9 Turf, we have developed a 4-phase install system that easily clears all the dog waste within minutes. It also comes with a minimum guarantee and insurance of 15 years.

Artificial Grass Warrington

One of the Finest Artificial Grass in Warrington is Prepared from 4 Phase Install System

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Artificial Grass Newport

The presence of pets in the house can be the cause of both stress and happiness. However, once you know the solution to everything, you will be able to tackle the situation with absolute calm.

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Artificial Grass Bristol

There are many companies that offer you one of a kind grass that is just perfect for your dogs. However, not every company will deliver what they have initially promised.

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Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare

We know that the very first base should be strong enough to hold the upper one. This will ensure that no matter what happens, the upper layers will not crumble at all. For this very purpose, we use a crumpled form of grano and rocks.

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K9 Turf Artificial Grass For Dogs
During the recent times, the idea of synthetic grass installation has escalated at a rapid pace. It is because the demand for fake grass has been increased mainly due to the fact that it provides convince. The user does not have to trim or mow the lawn for the most part of the day, and this indeed saves them tons of money in the process. For this very purpose, many households and commercial spaces have taken the decision to fit one synthetic turf in their home. One of the prominent manufacturers of fake grass in the vicinity is Lawn World that has been facilitating their clients with high valued turfs.

What makes us Different?

We have to work in the respective business for quite some time. This means that we know that what kind of solutions our client need. The good news is that our expertise of over 30 years has allowed us to make smart choices and perform fewer errors. The idea that the fake grass will stay in shape for longer periods of time will soon turn into a reality.
Our fake grass comes with a minimum warranty of 8 years. This means it will require little to no maintenance. For this very reason, you will opt out of buying expensive fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, you will contribute to making the environment pollution free. Other than that, you also do not have to mow or water the lawn.
We Use UV inhibitors that block the harmful rays coming out of the sun. Consequently, it will not become discoloured anytime soon. The good news is that you will see a lush green and lively grass, that too, for longer periods of time.

4-Phase Install System

  1. Base Work- To provide a solid foundation.
  2. Polyurethane Proflow Backing System- To deal with the issues of proFlow backing and to give an excellent drainage system.
  3. Zeolite infill- To tackle the toxic ammonia emerging form dog waste and to eliminate the odours.
  4. Enzyme Cleaner-To act as a base maintainer and to organically degrade waste.

How can we help?
Right from dog runs to putting greens in your back lawn, we will install the grass that will be safe for your family and pets. Now, you can safely play in the comfort of your home. The added benefit is that there is no need to monitor your pet for as long as you can because the surface will be free from any kind of intoxicants.

Choose the best from a whole lot!

There are many companies that will promise you quality work, only to deliver half of what they have initially promised. However, once you choose lawn world, you are in it for a big treat. We have a team of highly skilled workers that are determined to offer you one kind solution. All you need to do is tell us everything in detail, and let us do rest of the work. For any kind of further assistance, you can contact us. Visit Website

The Importance of Having a Polyurethane Backed System in Your Lawn
Those people who are quite tired of mowing their overgrown grass should stop worrying. With the unlimited advantages of synthetic grass, you can sit back and enjoy your coffee. Just imagine this, you do not have to go to the nearby store to buy pesticides and then sprinkle from time to time. The fact that artificial grass requires little maintenance means that you just have to worry about the pre-installation process.

What must you know before installing artificial grass?
First and foremost, there are many kinds of fake grasses available, some of which might not work for you at all.
Latex Backed: This kind of grass is available inexpensive and usually has an easy installation process. However, the biggest deal breaker is that it does not completely clean the toxicants that might emerge due to various reasons. During extensive rainfalls, the surface might remain wet, which will create tons of issues. Not to mention the dog waste, which when left untreated creates toxic ammonia pockets. Considering all this, it is indeed not safe to have latex backed grass.
Polyurethane Backed Grass: If you really have made the decision to install fake grass, then polyurethane backed grass is the one you need. Apart from being 100% pet-friendly, it is also long-lasting. There are a bunch of companies that have manufactured this kind of turf, and Lawn World seems to stand apart from the crowd. Here, at Lawn World, we have used materials that will keep the grass intact, that too for the long term. Our grass has an absorption rate of 400%, and it has been considered excellent for regions where it rains more than normal. The layers of K9 turf infill significantly holds the toxic ammonia emerging from dog waste. After some time, it is released when the sodium ion loses it magnetivity. This ensures that the negative effect of dogs waste does not last long.

What do we Offer?
  1. Our products come with a minimum warranty of 8 years.
  2. While manufacturing the grass, we only apply materials that have a reputation of holding surfaces in place. For this purpose, we use a creased form of grano and rock.
  3. Not only the Artificial Grass is easy to maintain, but it will also not become discoloured over the time. The reason is that we use UV inhibitors that do not let sunrays affect the outer layers.
  4. Since the year 1987, we have installed turfs in the playground, dog runs, and home lawns.
Contact us for any Help!
Once you have the satisfaction that the waste is being dealt with, any mess created by your dog will never bother you. Be it hot summer or rainy weather, the surface will remain dry. Therefore, this kind of grass has been recommended for regions where the weather is unpredictable. Here, at Lawn World, we make sure that the grass has the concrete base that also does not block the drainage. For this purpose, our professionals have developed one of a kind system to deal with the waste in an effective manner.

K9 Turf 100% Safe For Pets and Kids

One of the Finest Artificial Grass in the UK

When it comes to the drainage system, we have chosen polyurethane proflow backing system, that uses four different layers. The layers include two thick woven layers, a coating of urethane, and a five-pick layer. These layers together enable the 400% absorption method that is considered more than enough. This means that the dog’s urine will be instantly dealt with and the chance of any life-threatening diseases will be zero to none. This system also makes sure that the smells are removed and your dog breathes in a rather clean air. The presence of a K9 turf infill holds the waste and subsequently releases it the minute after sodium ion is in action and loses it magnetivity.

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