30 Apr

Top Reasons You Must Prefer K9 Turf Artificial Grass Weston Super Mare

Pet owners aspire to build the safest dog runs for their beloved pets. For this very reason, they take care of them in every possible way. In addition to good nutrition, they also focus on their good hygiene. It is understood that it is quite important, because any kind of negligence may jeopardize the health of the pet. Additionally, if your dog plays on natural grass, then you might change it too.

Here is why:  

  1. The pet has a habit of digging the ground, and it might create a mess in your garden.
  2. The dog waste can become harmful to your pets because it is infectious and might produce disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  3. A real grass might never be safe for your pet because it is hard to clean it in a proper manner. Therefore, you have to install fake turf in your home for the benefit of your pet. 

Why must you Choose Our Fake Grass?

It is important that you choose products that are made from reliable sources. We use 4-phase install system that has been recognized as safest for your pets.

  1. Base work
  2. Proflow Polyurethane backing system
  3. K9 Zeolite Infill
  4. K9 Enzyme Cleaner

Benefits of 4 Phase Install System 

The Proflow Polyurethane backing system has been in place to tackle the drainage issue. It also swiftly deals with all issues arising from the proFlow backing system. The absorption rate of the drainage is 400%, which is more than enough. No matter what kind of climate there is, it will keep the surface dry by keeping the moisture out.

The K9 Zeolite Infill has been widely used to eliminate the toxic ammonia gasses. The dog waste is quite infectious and might become toxic if it is left untreated. The infill, however, keeps the gasses in the surface until the sodium ion releases it magnetivity. Finally, when it rains, the viruses and bacteria are flushed away. This practice makes sure that the surface is thoroughly sanitized and leaves nothing up to chance.

The enzyme cleaner, the most important of all, makes sure that the waste is degraded using natural methods. For this very reason, it is known as an organic waste degrader. Another main reason as to why it has been considered is to remove the odd odours originating from waste.

A Final Word

The benefits of fake grass are not unknown to anyone. It is true that it makes everyone’s life a lot easier. For this very reason, there are people who have installed it in their homes. The fact that the one-time installation can help you save water and electricity bills. Another important thing is that it is safe for both humans and pets. Considering all this, it is indeed your best bet to fix one in your home and get the comfort you deserve. In case, you are looking for information, our experts can help at any time you want. Visit Website

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