01 Jun

The Ideal Artificial Grass that Will Turn Your Dull and Lifeless Area into an Evergreen Garden

Newport is an area that is known for its lush green gardens and lively atmosphere. The residents here love to keep their garden clean and in shape. They work on getting the best pesticides and fertilizers so that nothing damages their beautifully looking garden. However, one-hour of heavy rain creates a destruction that requires hard labour so that it could be cleaned. There are many people who prefer fake grass to real grass because they think it a safe choice to make. Lawn World, an artificial grass manufacturer knows this mind-set quite well.

Why Must you Choose K9 Turf Artificial Grass For Dogs?

  1. Our turfs are of premium quality. We work on minute details and as a result, the product is the best from a whole lot.
  2. We focus on each step of the process. This allows minimizing the chance of error and mastering the skill with every installation.
  3. We never leave anything up to chance. As a result, many homes, official and commercial spaces have put their trust in our capabilities.
  4. Our products come with a minimum warranty of 15 years. This means you will not have to spend cash on pesticides and mowers for that matter.
  5. Our grass does not require much maintenance. This ultimately leads you to save time and money.
  6. We offer cost-effective solutions. The installation of artificial grass is considered as a one-time investment that bears fruits for years to come.

Safer Home Lawns, Playground, and Dog Runs

When it comes to home lawns, we will prepare grass that is not only green but it is also long lasting.

As for the playgrounds for children, we offer you with a secure play area that will not become worn out with time. It will also prevent injury as a result of free fall.

Dog Runs

The presence of a pet can bring joy and peace to the house. There is no need to wander around to look for companies to install the most protected dog runs for you. We prefer our 4-phase install system that is 100% pet-friendly. It is mentioned as follows:

Base Work: Provides solid groundwork.

Polyurethane ProFlow Backing System-Allows liquid to soak through its excellent drainage system.

K9 Zeolite Infill- It removes the harmful effect created by dog waste.

K9 Enzyme Cleaner-It has been used to act as an organic waste degrader.

The Professionals Know it Best!

K9 Turf has been in the respective business for over 30 years. Being in the field for this long time, we have mastered our skills and worked on our mistakes. As a result, we have been able to gain client’s trust and served a number of people. We take pride in the fact we have a team of highly competitive works who are dedicated and committed to their work. For any kind of assistance, they can serve you and also educate you about the whole process in detail. Visit Website

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